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    Gorbandh Marbles has established its dominance in marble industry owing to company’s world-class processing Unit in Udaipur whereby the customers get the choice to select the best quality of slabs & tiles in trending size and finish.


    40, 000 Sqmt. of Finished Stock, 50, 000 Sqft. Open Stockyard & Machine Yard.
    2 Line Polisher (1 Breton Line Polisher), 1 Resin Plant, 3 Gangaw & 2 Multi Cutter,
    1 Breton Multi Wire.
    Highest processing & scientific standards are followed in all our production activity.
    A well-maintained quarry, the processing center, stockyard, packaging area and offices which are ultra-modern and fully-equipped.
    Fully mechanized quarries working as per latest mining & handling norms using the most advanced equipment in order to achieve our global dominance goal.
    Huge storage facility to store the daily high volume production and maintain optimum stock to supply the demand without time-lapse.


    Safe, Precise and Time bounded packaging & delivering system ruled on international standards.

    We never try to save cost on wood or other packing materials. We consider that the quality of packing is as important as the quality of product. The random and cut to size slabs are packed in seaworthy heavy-duty wooden frames. The extreme care exercised in packing goes a long way to prevent any chance breakage and loss during the transit. We strictly follow the packing standards & packing quality so as to save the interest of our valuable clients.

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    Mines: Dungarpur | Rajsamand | Morwad | Devgarh