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    Gorbandh Marbles is no ordinary name in the marble industry of India. A unit of MRS Group, Gorbandh Marbles is based in Udaipur, the heart of marble excavation sites in India. As the leading & prestigious mining and manufacturing company with an experience of more than 20 years, Gorbandh Marbles is known for its three-dimensional approach -

  • Superior Quality
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation & Agility
  • Owing to company’s expertise in providing the best quality & finest processing, the company has earned the goodwill of being an international trendsetter.The company follows a customer-centric approach and believes in delivering value for money. No wonder, even when the Marble has been an inherently expensive material to decorate with, Gorbandh’s client list has multiplied exponentially over the years.

    The group has taken strides of progress under the visionary leadership of Mr. Meghraj Singh Shekhawat, Managing Director, who voices the company’s ideology as - “Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

    This very vision has created the brand‘Gorbandh’ as the most process-oriented, efficient, accountable and state-of-the-art.

    Gorbandh Hallmarks

    Whether someone wants marble for a lavish decor look or something chic to elevate their space, nothing can match the quality of marble delivered by Gorbandh.

    The Company takes pride in serving its long list of clientele who have happily incorporated this beautiful resource into their home and office space.

    A lot of innovations are happening worldwide to add more sheen to the Indian marble which is known for lending its beautiful sparkle to whichever space it is used in. Gorbandh has been agile enough to invest in new technologies as well as for research and development in the field.


    Gorbandh Marbles is known for ensuring maximum customer satisfaction committing to best quality by providing India’s original natural marble products. Our ever-increasing investment in research and development along with stringent quality measures that are put in place right from the procurement stage to the final packaging and dispatching have made us the quality-conscious Marble Company of India.

    On-schedule delivery, scientific processing, trained workforce and state-of-the-artplant and machinery - all these ensure that the highest standards of quality are maintained at all levels.

    It is two decades of experience in the stone industry that makes us quality-leaders and trendsetters in this industry.


    Our commitment to ensure that all products reach the end products in excellent condition, the company pays special attention to packaging which is done in sync with international specifications. The finest quality & certified packaging material is used for storage and transportation of stone and withstands transport, handling and storageoperations.

    The packaging process followed at Gorbandh involves a life cycle assessment valuing the material and energy inputs and outputs to the package, the packaged product, the packaging process, the logistics system, waste management. Thisturns out far more valuable for our export clients, who get the deliverer of products as perpre-certified and durable packaging norms as committed.


    You will find the most qualified and professionally trained people at the helm of operations in Gorbandh Marbles. The company has invested in human capital (executives, workers, associates) by organizing focused training programs in all departments (administration, sales, production). Many personnel development programs have been launched to make our human resource in sync with new technology and applications.

    Our next endeavour is to create the most reliable network of sales representatives and warehouses in major cities in India and globally by the end of 2017. We also take pride in operating according to the ruling Work Health and Safety regulations with a top priority for workers' safety.


    Receipt of raw marble blocks: The raw marble blocks are received at Udaipur factory and unloaded in the gantry yard with the help of gantry cranes.

    Dressing of Marble Blocks: The dressing machine operator dresses the marble block by removing all natural defects, impurities and cracks.

    Block reinforcement: Before sending the rough marble block to our gang saw machine for sawing, the blocks are reinforced with fiber glass net and a binding agent. This is done to ensure minimum breakage of slabs during the sawing process.

    Sawing Process: The dressed and reinforced blocks are then moved to the gangsaw trolley by maintaining the size consistency for processing in gangsaw machine.

    Net-reinforcement of marble slabs: Glass fiber net is applied on back face of the marble slabs to strengthen the slabs and for safe handling during transportation.

    Grinding Process: After the 1st stage of epoxy filling the marble slabs are processed in rasin plant and then final finishing is done with line polisher.Polishing Process:

    Polishing process: The polishing machine is used for making the surface even and shinier.We offer different types of finishes like polished, honed, leather, brushed and hydro finish.

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